W-550 Cutout Covers

For Polymer or Porcelain Bushings




W-550 Cutout Covers Minimize Animal-Related Outages!

W-550 Cutout Covers are Outage Protection devices that are designed and tested to minimize animal related outages without compromising equipment performance.

All of Rauckman’s animal mitigation devices increase reliability while decreasing unplanned interruptions of service.

Cutout Cover is designed to fit on most distribution voltage cutouts using Polymer or Porcelain bushings of cutout switches.

Snap-On Cutout Cover Model W-550

Model W-550 Snap-on Cutout Cover Shown Installed on a Polymer Bushing Cutout

W-550 Cutout Covers Features:

  • Fit major manufacturer’s Porcelain and Polymer type cutouts up to 38 kV

  • UV — High Ultra-Violet stability including Hindered Amine Light Stabilization (HALS)

  • High Dielectric — Superior Electrical Properties by using a track-resistant high dielectric material that remains stable even in the most severe environments

  • Flame Retardant — meets the V-0 criteria of Underwriters’ Laboratory Standard of UL-94 Flammability of plastics

  • Installation — the cover can be installed using a shotgun stick or rubber gloves.

  • Construction — one-piece construction with no pins or buttons with ample room for the use of portable load-break tools

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Specifications & Cat. No

Cat No.DescriptionMaterialColorOverall Dim.Weight EachUnits in
Std. Box
W-550Cutout CoverRUPP0014Grey8.25" H x 8.00" W x 15.00" L14.7 oz12

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