Cutout Covers

Easily Installed with Rubber Gloves or Shotgun Stick.

2 Models:
95 – 150 & 170 BIL Ratings




Cutout Covers Minimize Animal-Related Outages!

Cutout Covers are Outage Protection Devices that are designed and tested to minimize animal related outages without compromising equipment performance. Part of Rauckman’s animal mitigation devices that increase reliability while decreasing unplanned interruptions of service.

Rauckman Utility Products’ Cutout Switch Covers provide a wildlife barrier to protect against cutout switch accidental contact outages by animals such as squirrels and birds. The covers are made from a specially formulated track resistant polymer specifically designed for the extreme requirements of the electric utility industry.

Cutout Cover W-110

Cutout Switch Cover Model W-110
95 thru 150 BIL

Cutout cover W-170

Cutout Switch Cover Model W-170
170 BIL

Cutout Covers Features:

  • High Ultra-Violet (UV) stability including Hindered Amine Light Stabilization (HALS)

  • Track-resistant high dielectric material remains stable even in the most severe environments

  • Flame Retardant properties meet the V-0 criteria of Underwriters’ Laboratory Standard of UL-94 Flammability of plastics

  • Fit major manufacturer’s Porcelain and Polymer type cutouts

  • Fasteners used for closures are UV Stabilized

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Specifications & Cat. No

Catalog NumberCutout Voltage Rating kVCutout BIL RatingL x W x H inTop Skirt Min. Dia. inTop Skirt Max. Dia. inWeight lbs. EachUnits in Std. Box
W-11015, 2795 thru 15012.25 x 5 x
W-17015, 27, 3617012.75 x 5.5 x


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