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The ZAPshield: The Pinnacle of Animal Mitigation Solutions

In the world of utility infrastructure, the continuous and uninterrupted flow of electricity is paramount. Interruptions, especially those caused by animals, can lead to outages, substantial financial losses, and even harm to the animals themselves. We want to highlight one of our most reliable and safe solutions: the ZAPshield.    What is the ZAPshield?  The ZAPshield, a flagship product in Rauckman's animal mitigation line, is designed to deter animals from transformer bushings. It ingeniously conditions animals to stay away by employing the patent-pending Rauck-Shock technology. Instead of causing harm, this technology delivers a non-lethal electrostatic discharge when animals come [...]

Wildlife Shield by Rauckman: Minimizing Animal-Related Electric Service Interruptions

In the multifaceted world of utility management, animals have been recognized as significant contributors to unexpected power disruptions. Only weather outpaces animal interference as a cause for unplanned outages. That's why Rauckman has introduced the Wildlife Shield, a revolutionary tool designed to tackle this exact issue.    Why Wildlife Shield?  The Wildlife Shield is crafted explicitly to be easily mounted on distribution & substation equipment bushings, effectively minimizing the instances of animal-related electric service interruptions. As part of Rauckman’s esteemed line of animal mitigation products, the Wildlife Shield brings a new level of control and safety.  Geographical Variations in [...]

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