When it comes to linework, it’s important to prioritize precision and safety. Whether you are installing or maintaining overhead transformers, it’s critical to have the right tools at hand. The Rauckman BW-223 Heavy Duty Forget wrench is engineered with the lineworker in mind and combines reliability, versatility, and safety.

Insulated Box Wrench Features

The Rauckman BW-223 includes the popular 3/4″ and 9/16″ insulated box wrench combinations, making it available for a number of lineworker tasks, from tightening connectors to adjusting fittings. The BW-223HD model takes it a step further with its heavy-duty, forged construction that stands the test of time.

Rauckman is committed to safety. The BW-233 wrench is crafted with a high-strength, high-dielectric polymer handle that offers electrical insulation, crucial when working with live circuits. A transparent port integrated into the handle also provides you with visual confirmation that the two ends are electrically isolated, giving you another level of assurance.

Additionally, the handle’s unique design provides double the Metal-to-Metal Electrical Isolation compared to other brands. In work environments where visibility is key, the High-Visibility yellow color ensures that the tool is always easy to locate.

Try the Popular BW-233 Heavy Duty Forged For Yourself

Lineworkers need to have confidence in their tools to ensure safety and efficiency on site. With the Rauckman BW-223 Heavy Duty Forget, you can be confident knowing that those standards are not just met but exceeded. The Rauckman BW-233 lineworker wrench ensures tasks are completed efficiently, effectively, and above all, safely.

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