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Rauckman Utility Products invents, develops and produces products for Electric Utility Companies to increase operator safety and system reliability.

Rauckman Utility Products

Founded in 1999 by Shirley and Jim Rauckman, Rauckman Utility Products began its journey by acquiring the assets of Houston Industries Products. Initially offering only Meter Pullers and Wildlife Shields, our product range has significantly expanded over the years to include innovative solutions such as the ZAPshield, BugWrench, and a variety of Avian Protection products. Despite our growth, we have maintained the ethos of a relatively small company, ensuring that each product we develop is aligned with the needs of a diverse and global spectrum of electric utilities.

2023 marked a significant milestone in our journey as we joined hands with NSA. This acquisition is a testament to our shared commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and quality. NSA, known for its dedication to providing responsive service and delivery, complements our vision of fostering a safe, collaborative, and positive environment. Together, we aim to continue this legacy of teamwork, open participation, and continual improvement.

Our story is one of watching small and medium-sized manufacturers in the utility industry being acquired by larger entities. We’ve seen how these mergers can dilute innovation and personal service. However, our union with NSA stands as an exception – it is a fusion that enhances our strengths while preserving the core values that have been integral to Rauckman Utility Products. In an industry where new power companies are rare and second chances are even rarer, our combined force is set to redefine standards and continue delivering exceptional solutions to our customers around the world.

“We believe that given a fair opportunity we can compete with the largest multinationals because we understand the demands of electric utilities and we believe in service. Give us an opportunity and I think that you will be pleasantly surprised with our capabilities and responsiveness.”

Shirley Rauckman

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