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Rauckman Utility Products invents, develops and produces products for Electric Utility Companies to increase operator safety and system reliability.

Rauckman Utility ProductsIn 1999 Shirley and Jim Rauckman formed Rauckman Utility Products to acquire the assets of Houston Industries Products. At that time only Meter Pullers and Wildlife Shields existed in the product offering. Over the years products such as the ZAPshield, BugWrench and Avian Protection products were added to the market basket.

Today Rauckman Utility Products remains a relatively small company, but the products are sold to a broad spectrum of electric utilities throughout the world. Watching small and medium size manufacturers to the utility industry be acquired by large entities only to dilute innovation and personal service has been a benefit to Rauckman Utility Products. There are not many new power companies opening up, so in this industry you rarely get a second chance.

“We believe that given a fair opportunity we can compete with the largest multinationals because we understand the demands of electric utilities and we believe in service. Give us an opportunity and I think that you will be pleasantly surprised with our capabilities and responsiveness.”

Shirley Rauckman

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