Single Insulator Disconnect Covers

Avian and Wildlife Outage Mitigation

2 Models for
Aluma-Form & Hubbell Disconnects




Single Insulator Disconnect Covers are Outage Protection devices that are designed and tested to minimize animal related outages without compromising equipment performance. All of Rauckman’s animal mitigation devices increase reliability while decreasing unplanned interruptions of service.

Rauckman Covers for Single Insulator Disconnects help electric utilities minimize outages caused by animal interaction. The benefits are not simply the minimizing of outages, but also the mitigation of Avian interactions.

Single Insulator Disconnect Covers have increased in popularity due to convenience and economics. These devices are sometimes referred to as vertical or cutout disconnects. The Rauckman cover is easily installed and covers the energized components on the top of new or in-place switches.

Single Insulator Disconnect Covers incorporate load-break hooks to allow the use of a portable load-break tool. These tools are typically landed on these hooks from an appreciable distance so it is critical that a cover does not hinder this process.

Rauckman’s covers are field tested to ensure that the cover does not interfere with the use of these portable load-break tools.

There are two models available for Aluma-Form & Hubbell Power Systems disconnect switches.

Single Insulator Disconnect Covers Features:

  • Made of Rauckman’s RUPP0009, a material specifically formulated for energized application on an electric utility system.

  • Meet or Exceed ASTM G154, ASTM D149, ASTM D2303 and UL 94. See product brochure for test results.

  • Allow use of Load-Break tool without interfering.

  • Available for Aluma-Form and Hubbell Power Systems disconnects.

  • Fasteners used for closures are UV Stabilized

For more information or to place an order:

Specifications & Cat. No

Catalog NumberDescriptionSingle Insulator Disconnect Voltage RatingSingle Insulator BIL RatingSingle Insulator Current RatingWeight Each
W-AL900Cover for Aluma-Form Disconnect15 & 27 kV110 & 125 kV600 & 900 A1.3 lbs.
W-HP900Cover for Hubbell Power Systems Disconnect15 & 27 kV110 & 125 kV600 & 900 A1.1 lbs.
Refer to product brochure for complete specifications of the products.

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