In the multifaceted world of utility management, animals have been recognized as significant contributors to unexpected power disruptions. Only weather outpaces animal interference as a cause for unplanned outages. That’s why Rauckman has introduced the Wildlife Shield, a revolutionary tool designed to tackle this exact issue. 


Why Wildlife Shield? 

The Wildlife Shield is crafted explicitly to be easily mounted on distribution & substation equipment bushings, effectively minimizing the instances of animal-related electric service interruptions. As part of Rauckman’s esteemed line of animal mitigation products, the Wildlife Shield brings a new level of control and safety. 

Wildlife Shield 20

Geographical Variations in Challenges 

From squirrels in the Midwest to birds along the coastlines, the types of animals that infiltrate utility equipment differ widely from region to region. The Wildlife Shield, available in three different size models, ensures a flexible solution tailored to various applications. 

Color and Design Customization 

Customize your shield with red or grey color options. While there are no physical differences between the colors, this customization allows the utility to match or contrast with existing equipment as per preference. 

Technology and Classification 

Constructed with advanced special polymer technology, these shields are suitable for severe environments, assuring longevity and reliability. Their UL94 Classification of V-0 denotes top-notch quality and safety standards. 


Easy and Safe Installation 

The Wildlife Shield can be installed hot without requiring downtime, thus not disrupting ongoing services. Field trimmed inserts enable virtually any shield to fit most insulators or bushings, making them versatile and adaptable. 


For installation, all that’s needed are tools like a Shotgun Stick and a Pair of Pliers (for trimming the inserts if necessary), ensuring a straightforward process that doesn’t hinder routine operations. 



Rauckman’s Wildlife Shield isn’t merely a tool; it’s a testament to innovation and our commitment to uninterrupted electric services. By protecting against animal infiltration, which varies across different geographical regions, this shield is an essential investment for every utility company. 

For more information on forming a personalized wildlife protection plan or to place an order, feel free to contact us.