In the world of utility infrastructure, the continuous and uninterrupted flow of electricity is paramount. Interruptions, especially those caused by animals, can lead to outages, substantial financial losses, and even harm to the animals themselves. We want to highlight one of our most reliable and safe solutions: the ZAPshield. 


What is the ZAPshield? 

The ZAPshield, a flagship product in Rauckman’s animal mitigation line, is designed to deter animals from transformer bushings. It ingeniously conditions animals to stay away by employing the patent-pending Rauck-Shock technology. Instead of causing harm, this technology delivers a non-lethal electrostatic discharge when animals come into contact with it. This slight jolt is enough to deter them from returning, ensuring both the safety of the animals and the smooth operation of electrical equipment. 

ZAPshield Animal Mitigation

The Inspiration 

The design of the ZAPshield and Rauck-Shock technology, is derived from the principles found in Faraday’s law of induction. This principle ensures that the discharge is both safe for animals and effective in keeping them at bay. 

Installation – Efficient and Hassle-Free 

One of the standout features of the ZAPshield is its hassle-free installation process. Utilities won’t have to worry about prolonged downtimes or extensive preparations. The ZAPshield can be installed ‘hot’, meaning there’s no need to power down or disrupt services. 

Installing Zapshield with Installation Tool W-100

When it comes to the tools required for installation, we’ve got you covered. Whether you choose to use a Shotgun Stick, Universal Tool Pliers, or the accompanying Rauckman W-100 Universal Tool, the process remains straightforward and efficient. 


Our Goal 

The ZAPshield is proof to our dedication to providing top-notch solutions to utilities worldwide. Our products not only ensure the seamless flow of electricity but also prioritize the well-being of our environment and the creatures that inhabit it.