Universal Action Camera Mount

Hotstick universal mounted camera allows a close-up look.




Universal Action Camera Mount assembly mounted on a universal hotstick allows a close-up look at utility components from a remote distance.

The camera mount with 1/4 inch camera adapter is designed for GoPro® HERO® camera series (not included) and other action cameras. This camera hotstick mount is designed for use on the end of any insulated live-line tool with a universal fitting (not included).

This adapter is a member of Rauckman Hotline Tools and is a perfect lineworker companion for inspection and operational view of the utility components.

GoPro Action Camera Mounted on RUT-GPA with a Hotstick

Universal Action Camera Mount Features:

  • Compatible with popular action cameras

  • 1/4″-20 stud mount can accommodate cameras, microphones, lights, etc.

  • Universal adapter is heat treated aluminum alloy

Camera Mount Adapter RUT-GPAT

Universal Action Camera Mount RUT-GPAT, The Adapter with 1/4″-20 stud by itself can be used on many photo or video cameras with a 1/4″-20 mounting receptacle.

RUT-GPA Action Camera Mount & Universal Adapter Assembly

Cat No. RUT-GPA Universal Action Camera Mount contains Camera Mount & Universal Adapter Assembly (with 1/4″-20 stud) ready for attachment to a Universal Hotstick.

GoPro® and HERO® are registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc. of San Mateo, California. Use of these trademarks is for identification purposes only  and does not indicate sponsorship or endorsement by GoPro, Inc.

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Specifications & Cat. No

Cat No.DescriptionWeightStd. Package
RUT-GPAUniversal Adapter with 1/4"-20 Stud and Camera Mount3.1 oz.1
RUT-GPATUniversal Adapter with 1/4"-20 Stud2.4 oz.1

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