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Switching Disconnect Hotsticks are used to operate a wide variety of overhead and underground apparatus including cutouts and switches.

These tools are some of the most fundamental hotstick with the design dating back to the early 1900’s when these live-line tools were made of wood.

Hotstick with Switching Head

Hotstick with Switching Head

Hotstick with Disconnect Head

Hotstick with Disconnect Head

Switching Disconnect Hotsticks Available Options:

Switching Disconnect Hotsticks are offered in two diameters; 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″. The 1 1/4″ model has two different head styles available; “Switch Stick” style and “Disconnect” style.

The Switch Stick style has a notch specifically designed to fit the trunnion of a cutout fuse tube to aid in engagement when replacing a fuse tube.

The insulating portion of these switching disconnect hotsticks (yellow poles) meet ASTM F-711 and are constructed of electrical grade fiberglass reinforced thermoset resins that surround a uni-cell foam core.

These Hotsticks are manufactured by Rauckman Utility Products in the United States of America and are part of Hotline Tools line of products from Rauckman Utility.

Refer to the product brochure (documents tab) for complete list of available options, lengths and their model numbers.

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ASTM F-711 Rated Poles

Fiberglass Pole

The insulating portion of the Switching Disconnect Hotsticks meet ASTM F-711 and are constructed of electrical grade fiberglass reinforced thermoset resins that surround a uni-cell foam core.

Live-Line Tool Hotstick Manual

Specifications & Cat. No

Catalog No.Fittings/DescriptionPole Dia.Nominal LengthOverall LengthApprox. Weight lb.
RHW112504WCSwitch Stick Head, End Cap1.25"4'0"4'1"2.4
RHW112506WCSwitch Stick Head, End Cap1.25"6'0"6'1"3.3
RHW112508WCSwitch Stick Head, End Cap1.25"8'0"8'1"4.3
RHW112510WCSwitch Stick Head, End Cap1.25"10'0"10'1"5.2
RHW112512WCSwitch Stick Head, End Cap1.25"12'0"12'1"6.1
RHW112514WCSwitch Stick Head, End Cap1.25"14'0"14'1"7.1
RHD112504DCDisconnect Head, End Cap1.25"4'0"4'1"2.5
RHD112506DCDisconnect Head, End Cap1.25"6'0"6'1"3.5
RHD112508DCDisconnect Head, End Cap1.25"8'0"8'1"4.4
RHD112510DCDisconnect Head, End Cap1.25"10'0"10'1"5.4
RHD112512DCDisconnect Head, End Cap1.25"12'0"12'1"6.3
RHD112514DCDisconnect Head, End Cap1.25"14'0"14'1"7.2
RHD115006DCDisconnect Head, End Cap1.50"6'0"6'1"4.0
RHD115008DCDisconnect Head, End Cap1.50"8'0"8'1"5.1
RHD115010DCDisconnect Head, End Cap1.50"10'0"10'1"6.2
RHD115012DCDisconnect Head, End Cap1.50"12'0"12'1"7.3
RHD115014DCDisconnect Head, End Cap 1.50"14'0"14'1"8.4
RHD115016DCDisconnect Head, End Cap1.50"16'0"16'1"9.4
RHD115018DCDisconnect Head, End Cap1.50"18'0"18'1"10.5
Catalog NoFittings/DescriptionPole Dia.Approx. Weight
R3046Switch Stick Head1.25"6.7 oz
R31461Disconnect Head1.25"8.5 oz
R30462Disconnect head1.50"11.2 oz
RBBG-32Rubber End Cap 1.25"1.6 oz
RBBG-38Rubber End Cap1.50"2.7 oz


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