Bushing Covers Snap Closure

Solid Wall and Inspection Ready Bushing Covers




Bushing Covers Minimize Animal-Related Outages!

Bushing Covers Snap Closure are Outage Protection devices that are designed and tested to minimize animal related outages without compromising equipment performance.

Bushing Covers Snap Closure similar to all other Rauckman’s animal mitigation devices, reduce accidental animal contacts and increase reliability while decreasing unplanned interruptions of electric service.

Solid Wall and Inspection Ready (visually or using a heat sensing apparatus) Bushing Covers are used in a variety of utility applications such as transformers, breakers, reclosers and capacitors to name a few.

Bushing Cover Mounted on an insulator and zip covered wire

Bushing Cover Mounted on an insulator and Stinger Covered (sold separately) wire

Bushing Covers Snap Closure Features:

  • Proven material — with over 25 years in electric utility applications

  • UV — High Ultra-Violet stability including Hindered Amine Light Stabilization (HALS)

  • High Dielectric — Superior Electrical Properties by using a track-resistant high dielectric material that remains stable even in the most severe environments

  • Flame Retardant — meets the V-0 criteria of Underwriters’ Laboratory Standard of UL-94 Flammability of plastics

  • Installation — Easy Installation and Removal. No special tool is required.

  • Bushing covers Snap Closure are MADE IN THE USA

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Specifications & Cat. No

Cat No.DescriptionEnclosureColorDim.Weight EachUnits in
Std. Box
W-BC050600MRBushing Cover, 2-part hinged snap closureMeshRedSee Brochure6.8 oz20
W-BC050600MGBushing Cover, 2-part hinged snap closureMeshGreySee Brochure6.8 oz20
W-BC050600SRBushing Cover, 2-part hinged snap closureSolidRedSee Brochure7.5 oz20
W-BC050600SGBushing Cover, 2-part hinged snap closureSolidGreySee Brochure7.5 oz20


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