Bushing ZAP Cover ™

Minimize Animals-Related Outages




Bushing ZAP Cover is part of Rauckman’s animal mitigation products that is designed to actively (with ZAP panels) stop animals contacting the bushings on pole mounted distribution transformers. This will minimize power outages by animals such as squirrels and birds and increase the power systems reliability while decreasing unplanned interruptions of service.

Bushing ZAP Cover is track resistant since it is made from a silicone enriched elastomer specially formulated for the rigorous requirements of the electric utility industry.

Bushing ZAP Cover ™ with Stinger Cover on Transformer

Model R-778 Bushing ZAP Cover & Stinger Cover (sold separately) Combination

Rauckman Utility Products Bushing ZAP Cover is similar to other Rauckman Outage Protection bushing covers in form and fit but is equipped with 2 panels (with Rauck-Shock™ Technology) that deliver a non-lethal shock when contacted by an animal.

Rauck-Shock Technology™

Bushing ZAP Cover may be installed on distribution & substation equipment bushings of 15 kV and 25 kV. For other voltages consult factory.

Bushing ZAP Cover ™ Side View with Rauck-Shock™ Technology Panels

Red Rauck-Shock™ Technology Panels

Bushing ZAP Cover Characteristics:

Unlike traditional polymer covers Rauckman Bushing ZAP Covers combine the following characteristics essential for flawless performance:

  • Higher Ultra-Violet (UV) stability including Hindered Amine Light Stabilization (HALS)

  • Superior Electrical Properties by using a track-resistant high dielectric material that remains stable even in the most severe environments

  • Flame Retardant properties certified to the V-0 criteria of Underwriters’ Laboratory Standard of UL-94

  • The Zap panels use the same base polymer as the grey cover, but also contain special fibers that provide the Zap characteristics.

How It Works:

The ZAP Cover utilizing Rauck-Shock Technology™, is an animal mitigation barrier device that delivers a non-lethal electrostatic discharge when contacted by an animal. The types of animals that infiltrate utility equipment vary from region to region. The squirrel continues to be the #1 culprit with snakes and birds not far behind.

Rauckshock technology logoThe ZAP Cover use the patent pending Rauck-Shock Technology™ engineered polymer to minimizes the occurrences of animal-related electric service interruptions. The polymer has numerous tiny filaments that act as many capacitors that pick up a collective charge from the live transformer bushing.

Bushing Cover Locking Slide Closure Model CRC-100L

ZAP Cover R-778TC comes  with Locking Slide Closure Model CRC-100L

For more information or to place an order:

Specifications & Cat. No

Cat No.DescriptionColorUnits in
Std. Box
R-778Bushing ZAP Cover Only, with Button ClosureGrey24
R-778TCBushing ZAP Cover Only, with Tube ClosureGrey24
R-778CK38Bushing ZAP Cover Kit with RUP Stinger Cover, with Button Closure
(R-38-18SC, 3/8" diameter, 18" long)
R-778CK58Bushing ZAP Cover Kit with RUP Stinger Cover, with Button Closure
(R-58-18SC, 5/8" diameter, 18" long)
R-778CK34Bushing ZAP Cover Kit with RUP Stinger Cover, with Button Closure
(R-34-18SC, 3/4" diameter, 18" long)
R-778CKTCBushing ZAP Cover Kit with RUP Stinger Cover, with Tube Closure
(R-38-18SC, 3/8" diameter, 18" long)
CRC-100LLocking Slide Tube Closure OnlyGrey12

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