The Blanket Clamp (aka “clothes pins”) is a hotline tool used primarily for securing heavy rubber linemen’s blankets.

These clamp pins are strong enough to hold anything from steel sheets to tarps to beach towels. The Blanket Clamp by Rauckman is revolutionary in its product field because it incorporates long fiber construction, over-molded TPE lining and tips and other design features that provide durability, functionality and efficiency.

Some advantageous features include:

  • Opposing concave and convex tips with interlocking ribs.
  • Rubberized clamp tips and lining are permanently molded onto the clamp. This means rubber tips will not come off and rubber cracking/splitting can be avoided.
  • Rubberized inner surface will not scratch or damage rubber blankets
  • Rubberized circular wire ports avoid slipping when used to engage conductor
  • Clamp body is constructed of ultra-violet stabilized lightweight glass filled nylon for long life and durability.
  • 5-1/2” Maximum opening.
  • Multiple holes to attach warning tags if desired
  • Integrated button for securing or attaching an insulated blanket
  • Ends are shaped to engage the end ferrule of a grip-all clampstick (shotgun stick)
  • A clamp pin stick eye (model R-HS2100) can be added or removed at any time, meaning you do not have to order a different clamp if hotstick eye is preferred, simple add-on to the Rauckman Blanket Clamps you already have!

To learn more about the Blanket Clamp, check out our Showcase video on Rauckman’s Youtube Channel.