In the demanding and high-risk world of utility lineworkers, safety and efficiency are paramount. Tagging devices are one such essential tool found in every lineworker’s toolbox, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of utility services. At Rauckman, we specialize in providing high-quality, durable, and reliable tagging devices, designed with the unique needs of utility lineworkers in mind.

Why are tagging devices so important? These devices allow lineworkers to identifying temporary conditions or general identification procedures, a critical safety practice for any line worker. This process ensures clear communication of potential hazards or conditions. Tagging devices, therefore, play an essential role in preventing accidents and ensuring worker safety.

Rauckman Utility Products offers a diverse range of tagging devices suitable for different applications, each designed for durability, ease of use, and with the utmost safety considerations in mind.

The HoldTag for overhead tagging, applies easily via hotstick for safe, direct tagging.

the Hold Tag tagging device

The Pistol Grip Switch Cover Tag, designed for control panel switches, secures the switch in the off position.

Pistol Switch Grip Cover tagging device

The BlockJaw Terminal Block Tag secures terminal blocks for utility relay.

BlockJaw terminal block tagging device

The URD Tagging Device, a necessity for Underground Residential Distribution (URD) power cables, ensures safe deactivation.

Underground Residential Distribution (URD) tagging device clip

All Rauckman’s tags boast of a UL-94 V0 flame resistance, the highest standard for fire safety in the industry, ensuring they are safe to use even in the most challenging situations.

With over 20 years in the industry, we understand the crucial role that tagging devices play in maintaining safety and efficiency for utility lineworkers. Our range of tagging devices caters to the diverse needs of the industry, ensuring that every lineworker has the right tool for the job.