BlockJaw Terminal Block Tagging

For terminal blocks used in utility relay, monitoring & control.

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US Patent Numbers
9225155  &  9362655




BlockJaw Terminal Block Tagging — BlockJaw® Model RBJ-100, is specifically designed for terminal blocks used in utility relay, monitoring and control systems for tagging out CT and PT terminal blocks.

BlockJaw®, a part of Hotline Tools lines of products from Rauckman Utility Products, is made from a special polymer the model RBJ-100 BlockJaw TB Tagging clip can perform in severe frigid or sweltering weather conditions.

BlockJaw Terminal Block Tagging Application:

  • Tagging Out: To visually indicate a terminal block point from being used or being connected to.
  • Marking a Connection Point: by placing two BlockJaw clips, one on either side of a terminal point the user can create a visual marker for that particular point.

BlockJaw Terminal Block Tagging Features:

  • Designed for commonly used Terminal Blocks

  • Durable One-Piece Design

  • Multiple teeth designed for easy installation on bare or occupied TB points

  • Built-in stop tabs to avoid over-stretching of the clip

  • Two Built-in Tag Attachment Holes

  • Red color provides high contrast visibility against black terminal blocks

BlockJaw on Terminal Block with a Tag

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Specifications & Cat. No

Cat No.DescriptionColorWeightStd. Package
RBJ-100BlockJaw® Terminal Block Tagging ClipRed0.4 oz.50

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