In utility systems, ensuring safety and mitigating avian-wildlife incidents are critical priorities. At Rauckman Utility Products, we recognize these concerns, and have developed an innovative solution: The One-Piece Tangent Cover, a multi-functional solution designed for power line protection and crossarm extension protection. The objective of a Tangent Cover is to provide animal protection and aid in minimizing animal-related outages, making it an indispensable tool in the lineworker’s toolkit.

Components of a Tangent Cover

Tangent covers serve the purpose of reducing wildlife incidents that involve perching birds and other animals on crossarms of electric utility poles. The Rauckman Tangent Covers are crafted using an engineered polypropylene flame-retardant resin matrix formula. Its self-extinguishing UL94 V-0 flammability rating ensures a high level of safety, which contributes to the goal of minimizing animal-related outages. They feature a one-piece construction, no separating or “drifting” components, and do not require assembly in the field. Tangent covers can easily be installed and removed using rubber gloves or a shotgun-style hotstick and have versatility in its application, accommodating voltages up to 38 kV system voltage, which extends beyond traditional power line protection.

Additives such as flame retardants, UV inhibitors, impact modifiers, and ozone inhibitors enhance the base polymer resins, which result in a robust solution that withstands the mechanical challenges of outdoor environments.

Easy Hotstick Installation

A notable feature of the Tangent Cover is the simplicity of its design. The straightforward installation eliminates the need for springs, and latches, which not only streamlines the hotstick installation process but also enhances the cover’s reliability during field operations. Lineworker tools, such as a shotgun-style hotstick, make installation and removal a breeze, reducing downtime and ensuring efficiency in maintaining the electrical infrastructure.

Mechanical characteristic ratings, as per ASTM standards, underscore the Tangent Cover’s durability, with impressive impact strength, tensile strength, and flexural strength. These qualities not only contribute to its longevity but also ensure consistent performance in safeguarding powerlines against avian-wildlife incidents.

Increased Safety

A Tangent Cover significantly improves safety in electric utility systems by acting as a protective barrier against wildlife incidents related to powerline contact near crossarms.


Crafted from an engineered polypropylene flame-retardant resin matrix formula, these covers possess a self-extinguishingUL 94 V-0 flammability rating, ensuring they don’t contribute to fire propagation; Flame-retardant Tangent Covers minimize the risk of animal-related outages, contributing to improved SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) and SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index). You can ensure uninterrupted power flow and mitigate unplanned outages by utilizing tangent covers on your powerlines.


The Rauckman Tangent Cover undergoes stringentUV testing according to ASTM standards, which ensures its resilience even after prolonged exposure. This commitment to durability is crucial for maintaining the cover’s efficacy in animal protection and powerline safeguarding over the long term.

By reducing the likelihood of animal-related outages and providing durability against UV exposure, tangent covers enhance the overall reliability of the electrical system.

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