Wildlife Shield ™

Animal Mitigation Barrier

Can be installed hot without downtime.



US PATENT No. 5,864,096


Wildlife Shield is designed to be installed on distribution & substation equipment bushings to minimizes the occurrences of animal-related electric service interruptions. Wildlife Shield is part of Rauckman’s line of animal mitigation products. Animals are second only to weather as causes of unplanned outages. The types of animals that infiltrate utility equipment vary from region to region. The squirrel continues to be the #1 culprit with birds not far behind.

Wildlife Shield Logo

The graph shows the results of a 1990 IEEE survey that asked utilities to identify animals that are known or potential sources of animal-related outages.

How Wildlife Shield Works:

The  shields are available in 3 different size models. Each size can be purchased in a red or grey color. The color is just a preference as there are no physical difference between each color. each shield is designed for installation on insulators and bushings at utility Substations to minimize access and electrocution of animals of all type.

The Shields are manufactured using special polymer technology suitable for severe environments. Shields have a UL94 Classification of V-0.

Wildlife Shield 20 inch Grey W-002 in Substation

Wildlife Shield Features:

  • UL90 Class V-0

  • Wildlife Shield can be installed by

    One-Person, One Shotgun Stick, Hot Installation

  • Fast Field Installation, No Assembly Required

  • Can be installed Hot, No downtime is needed

  • One-Piece, No Nuts & Bolts

  • US Patent No. 5,864,096

Hot Installation

The Shields can be installed hot without requiring a downtime. Field trimmed inserts allow any shield to virtually fit any insulator or bushing. The tools that are needed to do the installation can include a Shotgun Stick and a Pair of Pliers (to trim the inserts if needed). See the photos below for examples.

Wildlife Shield 20" Easy Hot Installation Shotgun Stick W-002R Red

Field Hot Installation

For more information or to place an order:

Specifications & Cat. No

Catalog NumberColorOverall Diameter (inches)Core Dia. Min. / Max. (inches)Weight lbs. EachUL-94 ClassificationUnits in Std. Box
W-001SGrey16"1" / 6"0.7V-025
W-001SRRed16"1" / 6"0.7V-025
W-002Grey20"2" / 6"1.5V-025
W-002RRed20"2" / 6"1.5V-025
W-004Grey24"2" / 6"1.7V-025
W-004RRed24"2" / 6"1.7V-025
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