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Insulated Ratcheting Box Wrenches

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The very popular 3/4″ and 9/16″ insulated box wrench combinations as in BW-223, and the Heavy-Duty, Forged model BW-223HD, are just right when installing or performing maintenance on overhead transformers.

Insulated Box Wrench BugWrench Brand


  • Other insulated box wrench models are available with other different size combinations. Please go to Cat No. / Specs tab for details.
  • Refer to Download Documents tab for a complete listing of the entire BugWrench family of the lineworker tools in a PDF file format.

Insulated Box Wrench Performance & Features:

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Specifications & Cat. No

Catalog NumberEnd 1 FittingEnd 2 FittingFitting ConstructionFitting PhotoWeightOverall Length
BW-2213/8" Ratchet9/16" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9"
BW-22103/8" Ratchet7/16" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9"
BW-22121/2" Ratchet9/16" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9"
BW-22135/16" Ratchet (6 pt)3/8" Ratchet (6 pt)Stamped Steel0.7 lbs8-1/2"
BW-22143/8" Ratchet (6 pt)1/2" Ratchet (6 pt)Stamped Steel0.7 lbs8-1/2"
BW-2215P3/8" Reversible RatchetPenta SocketStamped Steel1.0 lbs8-3/4"
BW-2239/16" Ratchet3/4" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9"
BW-223F9/16" Reversing Ratchet, Offset3/4" Reversing Ratchet, OffsetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9-1/2"
BW-223HD3/4" Heavy-Duty Ratchet9/16" Heavy-Duty RatchetHeavy-Duty Drop-Forged SteelHevy-Duty Drop Forged0.6 lbs9-1/2"
BW-22319/16" Ratchet11/16" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9"
BW-22323/4" Ratchet11/16" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9"
BW-22339/16" Ratchet5/8" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9"
BW-22341/2" Ratchet5/8" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9"
BW-22355/8" Ratchet11/16" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9"
BW-22365/8" Ratchet13/16" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9-1/2"
BW-22375/8" Ratchet3/4" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9"
BW-22383/4" Ratchet13/16" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9-1/2"
BW-22393/4" Ratchet5/16" Reversing Allen RatchetStamped Steel1.0 lbs9"
BW-2239-23/4" Ratchet5/16" Reversing Allen RatchetHeavy-Duty Drop-Forged Steel1.0 lbs9"
BW-2239HD3/4" Reversing Ratchet5/16" Reversing Allen RatchetHeavy-Duty Drop-Forged Steel0.6 lbs9-1/2"
BW-2243/4" Ratchet7/8" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9-1/2"
BW-224013/16" Ratchet7/8" RatchetStamped Steel1.0 lbs10"
BW-2241P9013/16" Ratchet90° Penta SocketStamped Steel1.0 lbs9-3/4"
BW-2241S3/4" Ratchet15/16" RatchetStamped Steel0.7 lbs9"
BW-224211/16" Ratchet15/16" RatchetStamped Steel1.0 lbs9-1/2"
BW-224313/16" Ratchet15/16" RatchetStamped Steel1.0 lbs10"
BW-22457/8" Ratchet15/16" RatchetStamped Steel1.0 lbs10'
BW-2093-29/16" Ratchet5/16" Allen RatchetStamped Steel1.0 lbs9"

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