ZAPshield Frequently Asked Questions





click here for answerWhat Testing has been done on this product?

The ZAPShield has been tested at the Chance Research Center in Centralia, MO to demonstrate and record the electrical and mechanical characteristic of the shield. For test reports contact us by phone or fill out the form.


click here for answerHow does ZAPshield compare with Guthrie Guard?

We have published a document that shows side-by-side test results of the ZAPShield and 3M™ Electrostatic Animal Guard (formerly known as Guthrie Guard). Go to the ZAPshield download page to view the document.



click here for answerHow many units have been installed?

The ZAPShield was introduced in September of 2003, and has gained wide acceptance. As of the the end of 2004 there have been thousands sold.



click here for answerWhere can I get a sample?

We would be happy to provide you with a free sample. Please contact us by phone or fill out the form and provide information on your application.



click here for answerWhat is the difference between the two models?

Both have the same physical and electrical specifications. It is only a matter of color choice.


click here for answerWhere can I purchase the ZAPShield?

For low quantities use our online store. For larger quantities please contact us by phone or fill out the form for information.



click here for answerWhat does UL 94 V-0 rating mean?

UL 94 is Underwriter’s Laboratory Specification for the Flammability of Plastics. There are 3 classifications; V-2, V-1 and V-0. V-0 is the most stringent requiring self-extinguishing characteristics of plastics among other things. As far as we know Rauckman Wildlife Shield and ZAPShield are the only wildlife protectors using polymers that meet the V-0 classification of UL-94.


click here for answerIs ZAPShield patented?

Yes. ZAPshield has been awarded US Patent No. 6,878,883 by the US Patent Office.


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