MeterPuller Frequently Asked Questions





click here for answerHow is the product used?

The control clips on the MeterPuller snap onto the base of the meter. So to remove the meter just push the tool over the meter until the 4 control clips engage the meter's base. And to install a meter just put the meter into the tool until the control clips engage the meter's base and then push the meter into its contact points in the meter socket.



click here for answerWhat is the risk of electrical shock?

Virtually none if the product is used correctly. Plastic is not a good conductor of electricity. You still should follow your company's work rules regarding gloves, eye protection, etc.



click here for answerWon't the tool rupture while installing a meter that explodes?

The tool is equipped with sufficient vent holes on the side to disperse and redirect the gases and arcing to the side rather than to the operator or back into the meter base.



click here for answerIs this like a hollow tube?

No, there is a solid barrier within the tool that prevents projectiles and arcing from contacting the operator.



click here for answerThis looks like the Houston Industries Products' MeterPuller. What is the difference?

This is the same product. Houston Industries Products was bought out in 2000 by Rauckman Utility Products. The only difference is that now the tool has been improved with a steel back-up spring instead of relying on the plastic housing to flex.


click here for answerWhere can I get more information about MeterPuller?

Please contact us by phone or fill out the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.



click here for answerWhere can I purchase the MeterPuller?

You can purchase it on our online store or direct from the factory.




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