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Rauckman Utility Products, LLC is a leader and an innovator in the manufacturing of products designed to improve the safety, reliability and functionality of electrical utility companies.


The company’s original products were Meter Pullers, which are used to install or remove an Electric Meter, and wildlife shields, which are plastic disks in electrical substations to keep animals, in particular squirrels, from causing short circuits and power failures. These products are still highly demanded by utility companies due to their efficiency and successful implementation.

Rauckman Utility Products has developed and sells over 100 different products to electric utility industry, including Hotline Tools, Outrigger Pads, Avian Protection, Tagging Devices, Pole Helmets, BugWrench, the ZapShield and insulated rubber gloves. The insulated rubber gloves allow utility workers to handle wires in a safer manner that reduces the chance of electrical shock. These gloves can be molded to each individual worker’s hand shape and size.

Founded in 2000 by Shirley and Jim Rauckman, Rauckman Utility Products has grown from a company operated out of the Rauckmans’ house to a company that serves utility companies across the United States as well as Canada and Mexico and countries outside North America. Shirley is the President of Rauckman Utility Products responsible for management of the company and the day to day operations and for management of the company’s largest customer. Jim is the Vice President of Rauckman Utility Products and leads the company’s market and product development efforts. The Rauckmans live just outside of St. Louis.













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